Volga-Vyatka economic region. Forest is the base of natural-resource potential. For a long time considered as a regular supplier of lumber to different regions of our country. 

Shipped not only saw logs which are suitable for building, but also all kinds of lumber in Kirov, made of logs and sawn timber. Famous for high quality hidden bark of the main part of the trunk, professional treatment. Kirov lumber has the highest quality.

Widely consumed product is a thin weatherboard with a cross-sectional dimension of a layer no more than 22 millimeters. Manufactured from eave boards due to shaping. For the connection one quarter of the surface of the verge or longitudinal projection on the edge of the board, which is included in the corresponding in shape mortise to another is selected. Such connection methods prevent ingress of moisture while using it.


On the basis of material it is divided to wooden, plastic, MDF batten: wood fibre board of medium density. For exterior cladding of buildings glued Batten is used -siding. 

Siding is sold wholesale to building companies, in small batches to individual developers.

On the profile form batten is divided into a wagon-board that imitates the sawn timber. And Euro batten distinguished by the presence of longitudinal notches on the inner side of the panel designed for ventilation, drainage of moisture, condensation.

American batten with profile notch on the internal side of the board. Block-House with a convex external profile that imitates the construction of round wood. 

Plastic batten with internal notches. Divided into "Extra", class A, B, C, different in quality of processing, adequate price. Cost decreases when batten is purchased wholesale.


Products are durable. Useful and practical lumber 

Kirov wooden batten is used up to 20 years. The exploitation period can be increased by surface impregnating with preparations from bark beetles, microscopic mold by covering the surface with antiseptic. You can use solutions of resins during exploitation period. Easy handling, practical absence of rotting. Batten treated by light blue, blue paint with a special solution acquires the color you want.

With external, internal finishes of building batten gives it an aesthetic look. Good soundproofing excellently prevents the room from cold air. Its use creates the natural microclimate in the houses. Wholesale batten allows the consumer to evaluate all qualities of the building finishing material.


One should use batten taking into account the place of its application. Pine, spruce finish interior, where there are no sudden temperature changes, there is low humidity. In saunas where there are high temperatures, high humidity, usually lime, alder is used. Often kitchen, bathtub, toilet rooms are decorated with plastic batten, all the rest rooms- with wooden panels.

External cladding with differences of temperatures from-50 to the same positive requires resin batten.

The batten is assembled on the support structure of the entire cover with wood screws, self-tapping screws. For durability between a wall and cover leave a ventilation space.

Lumber in Kirov are produced by woodworking factories in a wide range. 

When processing modern technologies, advanced manufacturing lines are applied. This allows the customer to pick up the sawing boards, batten in the required amount, grade, wholesale and retail prices.


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