Floor boards

Our company offers you the perfect combination of quality and prices, large choice of different kind of wood with individual properties.

In the modern market of building materials in many different flooring options floor board still retains its leading position at the expense of accessibility, properties of the natural material. This material possesses special aromatic and energy properties which are capable of creating indoor comfort and coziness.


Diversity of a floor board depends on several criteria, the most important of which is the breed of wood. 

The greatest popularity in our country gained such tree species: pine, spruce, larch, beech, maple, oak. Any of these breeds will create comfort, the nobility of the Interior into your house.

Often wholesale floor board made of pine trees, due to the flexibility of the material to be processed, dried, and subsequently, the exploitation.

Another significant factor providing a perfect look is the width of the floor board. Of course, there is no certain standards regarding this criterion but it should be noted that the wide floor board looks better than narrow one.

In our shop you can buy floor boards from solid sawn timber and spliced along length floor board which do not differ in any characteristics.

Asking the advice of highly qualified specialists of our shop you will receive comprehensive information about the main characteristics that provide Kirov lumber:

1. Way to cut wood.

2. Possible superficial cracks.

3. Presence of knots and resin pockets.

4. The allowable percentage of crook of natural material.

5. Aesthetic look.

6. Strength and durability.

7. Price range.


1. Has excellent external properties and creates a perfect look.

2. Floor board is eco-friendly and natural material.

3. Has sound insulation properties.

4. Wholesale floor board is a regulator of humidity in the room.

5. in comparison with other types of wood floors this one is weakly gathers  dust.

6. Does not require extra care. Possesses high durability. Thanks to special processing lumber in Kirov is the best alternative to expensive parquet.

7. Saves all its original qualities during the entire period of operation.

8. Due to the special spike connection places of joints and gaps are reduced to a minimum.

Today the process of laying the floor boards is eased due to the availability of a grooves and tenon connections providing the perfect joint and minimizing backlashes.

9. Floor board is a natural material and is able to "breathe", thus provides a spirited microclimate in the room. 

Wholesale packing floor board is a hypoallergenic material thus absolutely harmless for human health.

Stopping your choice on natural floor boards you provide the room not only with the beautiful, natural cover which is able to maintain a natural micro-climate, but also material which is capable to keep warm during the cold seasons.

Floor boards

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