Edged board

The most common lumber in building is edged board. Edged Board can be different sizes, so it has a big and wide range of application. Such lumber is durable and practical; the main production comes from coniferous breeds of a tree.

Dried edged board is produced and stored in such a way to be not bended and deformed. As a result, smooth Kirov lumber contributes to successful use in any building.


Edged Board is used in many cases, one of them is when concreting formwork, we need formwork in order to concrete does not crack and retains its original shape. Smooth and not cracked concrete foundation provides reliable and long-lasting support of the building structures.

High-end processing boards are used for the manufacture of stairways, partitions, interior and other decisions. Building with areas of application of such lumber as edged boards requires its use in construction.

Edged Board uses in building of houses, saunas, shed, summer house and combines with any other lumber, whether lining, sawn timber imitation or block-House. We can safely say that edged board can be successfully used with other kinds of lumber in Kirov, as well as without them completely replacing any other lumber

Edged board

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