Sawn timber

A square-sawn timber it is lumber in Kirov, which thickness is equal to 100 millimeters and larger, and the length exceeds the width. It has a square or rectangular section.

 A square-sawn timber is made of logs and is an independent unit for building -can be used to build the wall, frames, and so on.


Firstly — in the number of edges: four-, three-, two- edges.

Secondly-in structure: glued and intact.

Thirdly-in surface topography: profiled, which have grooves and ridges on the sides and front and rear side are smooth.

Non-profiled have smooth lengthwise seams and edges.

Fourth- grade are distinguished from 1 to 3. Grade is defined on the defects of wood.


Solid sawn timber length range is from 2 to 9 meters. However, the most common length to buy is 6 meters. Glued sawn timber can reach up to 18 meters in length.

Cross-section can be different. Our company offers wholesale of sawn timber of different section in Kirov, look at the table above, as well as custom sizes on request of the buyer.

Advantages of wooden sawn timber

There are the main advantages of such lumber as the  sawn timber:

Having a small volumetric weight, has a high degree of mechanical strength and elasticity;
2.Excellent thermal insulation –sawn timber home 6 times warmer than brick one, and 1.5 times warmer than the house made of foam  concretes;
3. This material is eco-friendly, it "breaths" — in this house we have an ideal microclimate;
4. square-sawn timber does not crack so much as timber. It is because when the edges are removed, we remove also loose wood and more solid part stays;
5. Wholesale sawn timber is not expensive in comparison with the regularized round timber;
6. For the sawn timber it is not necessary to make any further finishing;
7. The rate of house building from sawn timber is high enough – you can build about 50 m for about three weeks;
8. External aesthetics.

Thus, buying wholesale sawn timber in our company, you not only save your money but also get quality material with a guarante

Sawn timber

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