Log buildings for houses and saunas

For many centuries, until recently, individual buildings were built entirely of logs. That’s why our ancestors during this time worked out a manufacturing technology to produce log buildings.

Timber for log buildings for houses and saunas were prepared exclusively in the winter time, when the movement of tree juice stops - this is important for wood moisture.

After felling the trees they were cut into logs of the required length, carefully removed the bark from them and at 1.5 – 2 years stacked under shed for natural drying. 

During this time the log gave excessive moisture and dried out before acceptable humidity. Then the process of making the felling of logs began.

Woodworking technology today does not stand still. There is already no need to prepare forest in winter-dry kilns and modern equipment is able to qualitatively logs dry for a short period of time. Besides the log does not crack and deform, although the drying process lasts no more than 1.5-2 months.

You want to build a cottage or country house, but yet do not know what material use for the walls? Buy a ready-made house log building, which we produce in both individual and typical projects.

Settled in, very soon you will feel the difference between brick and wooden walls. When waking up in the morning you feel the lightness in the body and have the feeling of euphoria rather than depression and weakness, as it was before living in an apartment in a high-rise building.

You want to build a sauna and hesitate between foam concrete and aerocrete? Order our log building for sauna from ecologically pure pine or spruce logs! Pretty soon you will realize what means real Russian sauna and cleansing effect of bath procedures that make your body really healthy!

Our woodworking enterprise "Drevodel" in Kirov make to order log buildings for houses, saunas and other buildings. We control the whole process of manufacture of log building — from harvesting and drying the logs to the calotte felling and log building stacking - therefore we can guarantee our customers its durability and quality for years. We always have ready dried logs with necessary diameter, so whenever you turn to us, and any complex project of home from logs you have, you will get a ready log building no later than two to three weeks from the moment of signing the contract.

Log buildings for houses and saunas

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