Fuel pellets

Wood pellets (pellets), fuel replaces conventional wood. Such fuel gives a lot of advantages; one of them is a competitive price. Alternative fuel-wood are pellets and briquettes. They are produced in the Kirov region of shavings, waste of wood production.

At the moment raw pellets are the most popular, direct waste of wood. Pellets are small cylinders their diameter is not more than 12 mm. Pellets burn much longer than conventional wood, allocate maximum heat at the lowest emission of waste production, in this case the ash.

In fact, they practically do not leave ash; this is definitely a big comfort in our time to get heat with minimal physical efforts and low-cost maintenance. To order pellets in Kirov you can call the telephone numbers listed in contacts on the site.

Ordering solid pellets, briquettes, in fact you are acquiring fuel of the 21 century, economically profitable variant for anyone who uses ordinary wood for heating. Usually if someone tries pellets for heating after moves to this type of combustible material with pleasure.

Fuel pellets

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