Moulded products

Building your own house or repairing apartment you need mouldings-different in purpose wood materials that perform additional or related functions while decorating rooms.

As a rule, mouldings are used to overlap places of pairing or cracks between dissimilar or homogeneous materials of finishes.

Moldings have complex shaped profile, which is usually far from the flat form of boards, so they are difficult to count in cubic meters as regular lumber. Their cost is usually defined per linear meter, therefore they are called mouldings.

Wooden mouldings usually include trims, baseboards, corners, wooden beading and wood strips. In the manufacture of mouldings it is important to choose a suitable quality and moisture of material - molded products are usually thin and small in cross-section, so the presence of large knots in the work piece usually leads to rejection of trim or baseboards. The small size and high humidity in the near future -through 3-4 months after installation-leads to strain of moulded products.

Our woodworking enterprise «Drevodel» carefully tracks the quality of mouldings. For the manufacture of baseboards, trims and other types of mouldings we select only the best, carefully dried piece of pine, spruce, FIR, cedar, oak or beech. We stock finished products of different shapes and sizes, so you can always find what is needed for you.

Moulded products

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