Pellet boilers

Types of fuel: compressed sawdust pellets (fuel pellets), diameter of used pellets is from 6 mm to 14 mm.

Features of the boiler: the boiler connection diagram is traditional; 

Standard chimney;

Heat transfer at 90% efficiency; 

Reliable design; 

Accessibility and ease of operation;

Front-horizontal cleaning of the heat exchanger; 

Technical lifetime is more than 25 years.


Fuel feed (pellets) comes from a cumulative hopper on the drive; drive is the auger which with by rotary movements gives fuel pellets into the furnace. 

Supports and enhances the degree of combustion “air”, the air supply is carried out with the help of fan air supply. 

The boiler output is regulated by changing the amount of air into the burner feed and pellets, remote control, easy to operate, user-friendly management console interface. During the combustion of fuel hot gases are allocated. They come in heat exchanger, there is heat transfer inside it, and then the gases through the chimney are displayed outside.


* "traditional" connection scheme   (connect to network)

* boiler installation is simple and takes no more than an hour

* fuel bunker depends on the room and can fit into a single download for the entire heating period

* Power consumption is 50 w/h

* There is a possibility of a complete cycle usage managed remotely

* Available in operation, does not require any technical knowledge

* Cleaning of the heat exchanger requires 1 time in 4 days -11

* stationary chimney 

* High heat dissipation

* Simplicity and reliability

* Service life is not less than 25 years

Pellet boilers

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