Charcoal nowadays finds more widespread consumption. Charcoal is used both for cooking and for heating of dwellings using corresponding technical equipment.

In particular, it is widely used for cooking: in canteens, restaurants and outdoors usually for barbecues. The advantage of coal in such cases cannot be challenged, minimum labor and maximum positive result. 

High heat and long burning time allow you to prepare any dish, whether it is in the fresh air or indoors using open flame. Smokeless at cooking allows you to use it in the same way indoors, for example in restaurants when cooking barbecue.

Compactness when storing gives us the convenience of transportation. The demand for charcoal is growing every year, so a large number of manufacturers appear. 

Our company offers realization from the manufacturer, thus resistant to coal price, we guarantee constant deliveries when concluding a long-term contract.

High-quality coal must conform to the standards of GOST, appropriate checks our products have passed successfully, if necessary you can look through this information by clicking on the installation test record.

Qualitative indicator of coal is considered the minimum content of volatile carbon. Charcoal can be 2-grades (the highest and first grade). Different grades are required for certain uses. For example for cooking use birch coal or oak coal as they have large heat and longtime burning. Coal from the other types of wood are not suitable for cooking, it is used for technical purposes.

Our company produces charcoal from different types of wood, so we fully provide any sphere of coal application.

Nature lovers know that charcoal makes cooking outdoors much easier, therefore no one picnic, where there is cooking in the fresh air, can do without this material.

Coal is not explosive, so it's secure while transportation in the trunk of a car. When lighting it burns long and gives plenty of heat. With skillful use of charcoal you can prepare everything.

Charcoal is packed into paper packages, package volume can be different.


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