Panel framed doors

What is Panel framed doors - in fact it's a great process of manufacturing multilayer, strong enough and sophisticated construction, made mainly of coniferous wood. 

The specialists of our company produce panel framed doors for a long time and have a lot of experience, the quality of the product stands on a high level.

Panel framed doors are made by our craftsmen can be described as works of art, a wizard with skillful hands create masterpieces. Advanced manufacturing technology and quality leaves no doubt for choice of the customers. Constituents of panel framed doors are such elements: panels, frame, cross rail, muntin, there are, in some cases, additional structural elements.

The frame usually made from glued pine which represents a reliable solid foundation, which is practically not susceptible to deformation, it ensures long life of produced panel framed doors.

Panel with a convex pattern consists of a thin board, located between the frame and cross rail. This assembly is a main point that deformation of the door and its durability is ensured in such a constructive solution.

Panels come in different forms; panels make the door more exquisite and elegant. It depends on them, what will represent a design solution of this construction. 

Panels come in different shapes: rectangular, round, diamond, square, spherical, and so on.

Different types of panels with the addition of glass, accessories, ink colors, carved patterns, etc. are components for lineup. 

Thanks to technology known as milling, by extrusion or drawing on the surface of the wood a picture is done. Besides, the construction itself and the basis of the details is not disturbed.

A variation of the panel framed door is large enough; it depends on various related construction elements. As the panel framed doors made from glued wood, they are ecologically clean product. Strong, reliable, aesthetic, not prone to deformation, such doors will serve you long and reliably.

Panel framed doors

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