Board fence

In the country side building board fences became increasingly popular. It is a type of wooden fences made of thin boards of small size.

Such fences, though purely symbolic, and represent an obstacle to the thief, but protect from penetration of animals and look very nice and smoothly, especially amidst nature. Board fence is made of small pieces of wood, so are inexpensive relative to the usual trimming chessboard.

To buy board fence of the most popular sizes, well dried wood you can on site of woodworking enterprise "Drevodel" in Kirov. Here you can find board fence of height from 1 to 1.8 meters, made of good-quality dried wood, and already soaked in antiseptic to prevent premature rot and spoilage.

Here you can also purchase another lumber for production board fence at low prices – swan timber for bars and rods. Our company "Drevodel" engages the complete cycle woodworking  - from harvesting logs to produce lumber and wood mouldings, therefore, has the ability to control the whole process and to guarantee high quality of  products.

Board fence

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