Planed board

All human activity is aimed to make life more comfortable. 

So it is not a surprise how deftly a human uses wood, so simple, natural and versatile material.  Wholesale planed board is bought not only to lay floors or build barns. It allows you to fantasize with Interior and create the most exquisite living rooms, hallways and porches. Such lumber can serve not only as the basis, but also, thanks to its characteristics, as an excellent finishing material. For an affordable price the consumer receives quality and aesthetics in one bottle.


Planed board is dry selected board which is processed at the modern woodworking equipment of the latest technologies. It has perfect geometry because processing occurs in parallel on all four sides. Lumber in Kirov may have the most diverse composition. Most often the foundation consists of such species as: Cedar, pine, larch, oak, and lime tree. They should be selected, without decay, knots and other visible and internal defects. Only in this case, the tree will do its best and will not cause trouble in the future.


Wholesale planed board can be two classes. It depends on the purity of the processing. The cleaner the surface and more accurate size, the more valuable the product itself:

Planed board with a leveled surface. We have such a relatively smooth result, if we use a rough plan.

Planed board with a perfectly smooth surface. Such material is smooth and flawless, that can be used for finishing of modern cottages.


The characteristics of this popular material of wood depend on many factors: the quality of wood and raw materials processing technology. 

For example, the rate of humidity of a pine and spruce is 8-10%, which makes them relevant, as they require no additional drying. 

The type of wood sawing determines firmness and texture of finished boards. The more precise cutting, the better looks final product. Kirov lumber is implemented in all corners of the country. The quality of the products can be easily identified, even just touching the surface of boards. Progressive equipment leaves no knots, unevenness and roughnesses.


Planed board has excellent operational characteristics. It can be used both in building and in furniture production. Wholesale planed board  has the following advantages:

•is not available to external factors, does not dry out and does not crack;

• does not rot in wet conditions;

• possesses attractive look, pleasant to the touch texture and beautiful natural color;

• has the highest rates of strength;

Has a nice smell of timber without any other man-made contaminants.

Planed board

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