Regularized round timber

At the moment the manufacture and production of regularized round timber

is one of the most advanced technologies for wooden house building. Such products have many advantages; one of them is high accuracy of fitting parts. This  provides greater production speed and house building itself, high mechanical and physico-chemical properties of logs, that are not influenced by organic and chemical irritants, are enough fireproof and not afraid of moisture.

Whole trunk wood is processed on the equipment, and as a result we have perfectly smooth regularized round timber. 

This allows not to take maximum efforts during finishing works of building made of regularized round timber. 

Once the project of future house is agreed and approved, trunk cutting and its rounding take place. After measurement the logs are sawn to the length, on the milling machine a tree trunk is processed and as a result we have logs by size, with a smooth flat surface, with grooves and connecting “cups”.

Minimum of manual handling is required considering accuracy. It makes the further process of house building much easier. Density of regularized round timber parts to each other is determined by their smooth groove, which significantly improves the quality and the reliability of the buildings. Apart from durability and reliability of a building such structure will be more insulating thanks to excluding large distance between logs. Thus according to the approved draft prepared all the logs, and then starts to assemble special numbered logs.

During the process of building from regularized round timber it will be easier to fit additional lumber. All these things improve building process and reduce the time.

Drevodel provides installation services of log buildings, as well as turnkey construction.

Regularized round timber

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